Europameisterschaften 2018

  • I am sad after being told that it looks like there will just be loggers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway at the European championchip in Denmark this year. I hoped that someone outside Scandinavia had wanted and dared to come to compete "our way". But when that is not the case, I look forward to meet loggers from Germany, France, Belgium, + + +, at Pferdestark next year.

    By the way; there will be german participants in the plowing-competition:thumbup:


  • date? place? curious ;-)

    Finsternis kann keine Finsternis vertreiben. Das gelingt nur dem Licht.
    Hass kann den Hass nicht austreiben. Das gelingt nur der Liebe.
    »Kraft zum Lieben« Rede 1963, Martin Luther King (1929-1968)

    "Wer in der Hölle war, weiß, dass es zum Guten keine Alternative gibt."

    Jehuda Bacon, *1929, Auschwitz-Überlebender

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